What is TRUSIC?

TRUSIC is a lifestyle brand that represents the values of the TRUSIC Code; “true, righteous, unique, successful, inspiring, and creative”. Our company promotes the TRUSIC brand through music, live entertainment, and community service.

What is the TRUSIC Code? 

The TRUSIC code helps explain what each of our values mean. It also provides a framework for how we approach each of our products, services, or events. The TRUSIC code is as follows:

True– Being well informed and loyal to your beliefs, without fear of consequence.
Righteous– Being selfless with a strong moral compass.
Unique– Accepting your differences as strengths and as qualities that make you extraordinary.
Successful– Living with purpose by setting and achieving goals.
Inspiring– Being a source of motivation for positive results.
Creative– Thinking outside the box, being imaginative or innovative.

Are You TRUSIC? 

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  • Independent Record Label
  • Entertainment Company
  • Community Event Specialists

Founded March 2011 by Samuel Simmons V, Jamel Jamel Mosely, & Dane Dell