Intell Hazefield


 Intell Hazefield is a producer/recording artist based in Albany, New York. As a multimedia professional, Intell uses his talents and skills in music, photography, and videography to positively impact his community.

Intell comes from a family deeply rooted in music. The stories he would hear growing up as a kid were of his mother and her seven brothers and sisters playing in a band reminiscent of the Jackson 5. He found poetry at a young age and won a national contest while still in grade school. This took a natural progression into writing lyrics for rap songs and then eventually into producing his own music.

As a musician, Intell has done hip hop, R&B, house, rock and even gospel music. Among his musical influences is Michael Jackson, whose music has been the soundtrack of many of Hazefield’s childhood memories. Other influences include prominent figures from the “era of the super producer”: Timbaland, Neptunes, Just Blaze, Swizz Beatz, Dr. Dre, Rockwilder, Kanye West,  along with some other favorites: J Dilla, Black Milk, 9th Wonder and Ryan Leslie.

Intell Hazefield’s energy, charisma, knowledge, music production, multimedia know-how, and experience make him a valuable assett for TRUSIC Music. Intell has been performing music since he was the age of 12 in numerous shows throughiut the US. In his professional life, Intell is the owner of Mel e-Media and also operates “The Lab Multimedia Studio” in Albany, New York.

Learn more about Intell at:

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