SES Vth ( SES Fifth) is a Hip Hop artist and producer from Newburgh, New York. His passion for music and uplifting his community lead to the creation of a brand of music we now refer to as TRUSIC. SES Vth is who you get when you take the mind of an artist, and sync it to the soul of a revolutionary.  Constantly working on his craft and his mastery in the art of rap, SES uses Hip Hop as a vehicle to spread the ideology of TRUSIC (true righteous unique successful inspiring and creative) and his passion for life.

Born and raised in Newburgh, New York, SES’ music is inspired by his experiences and his journey of growth through one of the harshest cities in America.  Even through the struggle and the pain, in his music there’s still a TRUSIC message that is inspiring, mentally entertaining, and relatable to all people. Since releasing his first mix-tape in 2010, SES has performed on numerous stages and has collaborated with numerous artists/producers from around the country.  Now nearing the release of his debut studio album, “MASTER”, SES is ready to show the world what hard-work, hunger, and resiliency can do when you fully commit to your dreams.

As a community leader, he believes Hip Hop, activism, and education go hand-in-hand. So music is just one of the many ways in which he gives back to a city that has given so much to him.  From back-to-school events, free film screenings, peaceful protests, mentorship programs, and community clean-ups; SES is exemplary of TRUSIC in not only his talk but in his actions.

SES is the head executive of TRUSIC Music LLC, a Pop-Warner Football Coach for the Newburgh Steelers, and Owner at “Aquarian Thought Studios”, a music production and graphic arts studio located in Newburgh, New York.  Follow his journey to greatness.


One thought on “SES Vth

  1. can i have alittle more of your childhood up bringing , schools u attend , sports you may of play and your insight on giving back to the youth in Newburgh NY

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